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Tilbagemelding fra UFST på markedsdialogen i maj og juni 2019

Her finder du referat fra markedsdialogen vedr. dataplatformen til EUTK, samt materiale der blev præsenteret på dialogmøderne i maj og juni 2019.






Feedback from UFST regarding the market dialogue held in May and June 2019

In May and June 2019, UFST held a market dialogue regarding the future data platform for the Ministry of Taxation. Vendors were invited to present their solution of a technical platform and a solution architecture based on standard technology, which were capable of supporting the capabilities in the presented conceptual model for the future data platform.

UFST has conducted further analysis of their needs and requirements as well as the derived needs for the area of tax administration. Based on this, it has been decided that a tender of the total platform is not necessary at this point in time.

It has been decided to proceed with UFST’s existing agreements establishing a basis platform with a minimum of fixed technologies. During the coming period, we will continue assessing the needs and requirements in order to identify potential needs of future technologies, which together with the basis platform will form the entire Data Platform. This strategy potentially entails that future needs relating to parts or the entire Data Platform will be procured expectedly following an EU tender process. In this case, we expect to reopen the market dialogues regarding the procurement of additional future technologies.

UFST thanks for the participation during the market dialogue and encourages all interested parties to participate in future dialogues and tenders within the area of tax administration.

Above is the external summaries from the market dialogue as well as the presentation that was presented during the meetings in May and June 2019.



Orientering om Implementerings Center Told (ICT)

Opfølgende markedsdialog 3. juli, 2019
Her følger materiale fra den opfølgende markedsdialog
Præsentation - markedsdialog
Spørgsmål - markedsdialog
Referat - markedsdialog

Implementerings Center Told (ICT) er etableret af Skatteministeriet med det mål at etablere nye systemer til understøttelse af EUTK krav.
Nedenstående materiale beskriver de udfordringer Told området pt. står over, samt de overordnede mål, der pt. er sat op for programmet.

General information regarding ICT
- Market Dialogue - ICT (Customs)
- Market Dialogue Document
- Appendix 1 - questionnaire
- Implementerings Center Told
- Prior notice dialog

Tilbagemelding fra ICT på markedsdialogen i juli 2017
Vedlagt referat fra markedsdialogen, tentativ tidsplan frem mod det første udbud, samt materiale der blev præsenteret på dialogmøderne i juli 2017.

- Følgenotat - markedsdialog tilbagemelding
- Præsentationsmateriale
- Tentativ tidsplan

The following is the external summary from the ICT test days, of the customs solution, with four different Vendors.



Netcompany & Intrasoft

DXC, European Dynamics & BDO

A follow-up meeting will be held in the beginning of 2018 where more information regarding the expected tender material and tender process will be explained. ICT encourages all interested parties to participate in this meeting. Information about future meetings and information about future tenders will be made publicly available on the TED database and The Ministry of Taxations’ webpage.


The Data & Analytics department of the IT and Development Agency is currently in the process of ‘consolidating the big-data-platform’. This is a major planning task that challenges the department to figure out how to implement what is formerly known as ‘Databanken’, as it will allow the Implementation Centre for Customs as well as other progammes to benefit from the acquisitions that were made.

A potential supplier to ICT is performing this task until September for the department, and they need insights in terms of the Implementation Centre for Customs’ needs for integration to Databanken. Therefore, we disclose the 3 attached documents to the IT and Development Agency’s Data & Analytics department who will share the documents with the potential supplier to ICT.

To ensure compliance with the principle of equal treatment, the disclosed documents will be published.

Referencearkitektur for EUTK-programmet

Resumé for Styregruppen for EUTK - Datastrategi

Foreløbig løsningsbeskrivelse til data repository i big dataplatform #5